Grand Atlantic Travel Blog

Spring is an exciting time at Grand Atlantic. We’re always eager to welcome back the families that we’ve come to know over the years. We see the passage of time in how much the children have grown.

If this is your first visit to Grand Atlantic, we extend a warm welcome, and appreciate you choosing our resort.

Most of us work all year long for the opportunity to travel to a fun, relaxing destination. Your Grand Atlantic team realizes that vacation time is precious.

We’re often asked, “How can we make the most of our time at the beach?” Our number one tip would be, “Don’t try to cram too many activities into your days.”

With the numerous attractions, theaters and wonderful restaurants, it can be a difficult decision to map out your time and activities.

The majority of our guests choose Myrtle Beach as a destination because of the sixty miles of white, sandy beaches, and of course the extraordinary Atlantic Ocean. So, be sure to allow yourself time to fully enjoy that number one attraction.

Grand Atlantic provides the ideal place to check out at least one sunrise. Grab a cup of coffee, walk out to your oceanfront balcony and take in that “golden” hour when the sun rises over the Atlantic Ocean.

We hope that you will relax, and enjoy the beach. Don’t forget to bring and use sunscreen, because nothing can spoil your vacation quicker than dealing with the misery of sunburn. We also suggest that you bring a cheap pair of sunglasses with you, as this is an item that often gets left behind at restaurants, the beach and pool decks.

Grand Atlantic is pleased to offer “Play like a Kid,” packages that allows our rental guests free DVD rentals. So, maybe, there’s just a day when you simply want to enjoy a good movie, popcorn and the comfortable condo.

Our front desk team members are always happy to assist with ideas and information about nearby shopping, attractions and restaurants. Thank you for spending your valuable vacation time at Grand Atlantic!